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Select12/08/2021Owners MailingsIDFPR New AddressJERRYTUFANO
SelectOwners MailingsJERRYTUFANO
Select07/14/2021Store MailingsAnthony Tufano
SelectOwners MailingsCurrency Exchange For SaleRita Ekstrom
SelectStore MailingsMyanmar Corridor ReactivatedRita Ekstrom
SelectStore MailingsWestern Union (Better Caller Experience for Agents through Self-Service IVA)Rita Ekstrom
SelectStore MailingsIntermittent Service Disruption in MyanmarRita Ekstrom
SelectStore MailingsNigeria Naira currency will be suspended worldwideRita Ekstrom
SelectOwners MailingsNotice from Davis BancorpRita Ekstrom
SelectOwners MailingsTreasury and IRS begin delivering second round of Economic Impact Payments to millions of AmericansRita Ekstrom
SelectOwners MailingsExpired Identification Documents Update (Western Union) December 2020Rita Ekstrom
SelectStore MailingsWestern Union is transitioningRita Ekstrom
SelectOwners MailingsCuba and Haiti Western Union UpdatesRita Ekstrom
SelectOwners MailingsStore for SaleRita Ekstrom
SelectOwners MailingsDCEO - Rebuild Distressed Communities ProgramRita Ekstrom
SelectOwners MailingsMSB Caution NotificationRita Ekstrom
SelectOwners MailingsWarren Arthur GoldbergRita Ekstrom
SelectOwners MailingsEquipment for SaleRita Ekstrom
Select10/21/2020Store MailingsRita Ekstrom
SelectOwners Mailings{EXTENDED} Temporary Acceptance of Expired Identification Documents (United States)Rita Ekstrom
SelectStore Mailings2020 Canning Campaign A Big Success Please Send In Your ContributionsRita Ekstrom
SelectOwners MailingsRCheck stock is availableRita Ekstrom
SelectStore MailingsCanning Campaign Has Ended for 2020Rita Ekstrom
SelectOwners Mailingsdbp Printing CalendarsRita Ekstrom
SelectStore Mailings5 Days Left Canning Campaign Ends 9/15Rita Ekstrom
SelectStore MailingsPromoting COVID-19 Testing Sites throughout IllinoisRita Ekstrom
SelectOwners MailingsStore for SaleRita Ekstrom
SelectOwners MailingsReminder Do You Want to Purchase Back 2 School Kits? Rita Ekstrom
SelectOwners MailingsWestern Union UpdateRita Ekstrom
SelectStore MailingsB2SI Canning Campaign UpdateRita Ekstrom
SelectOwners MailingsKatherine "Kiki" Klein of Cape Coral, Florida | 1961 - 2020 | ObituaryRita Ekstrom
Select08/06/2020Owners MailingsRCheck Important Announcement Rita Ekstrom
SelectStore MailingsBack 2 School Kits Rita Ekstrom
SelectStore MailingsHaiti payout Changes Effective 8/3/20 Rita Ekstrom
SelectStore MailingsB2S IL FundraisingRita Ekstrom
SelectOwners MailingsRCheck announcementRita Ekstrom
SelectOwners MailingsNewspaper ArticleRita Ekstrom
SelectOwners MailingsBack 2 School ILRita Ekstrom
SelectStore MailingsWestern Union Agent Portal (How To) & (Guide)Rita Ekstrom
SelectStore MailingsWestern Union (Agent Victim Fraud) Reference Sheet Rita Ekstrom
Select06/04/2020Store MailingsWestern Union-LACA MexicoRita Ekstrom
Select05/27/2020Owners MailingsCanning Program Ready to LaunchRita Ekstrom
Select05/21/2020Owners MailingsResume Anthony Tufano
Select04/21/2020Owners MailingsStimulus ChecksJERRYTUFANO
Select04/16/2020Store MailingsUS Treasury Caution Notification Anthony Tufano
Select04/14/2020Store MailingsDFPR DocumentsJERRYTUFANO
Select04/14/2020Owners MailingsExecutive Order 2020-25JERRYTUFANO
Select04/06/2020Owners MailingsLOANS AND GRANTSJERRYTUFANO
Select04/06/2020Store MailingsBRINKSJERRYTUFANO
Select03/25/2020Owners MailingsExecutive Order in response to COVID-19Anthony Tufano
Select03/24/2020Owners MailingsCovid-19 letter from the presidentAnthony Tufano
Select09/19/2019Store MailingsSummer “Canning” Campaign Over Send in your 2019 Back 2 School Collectionscceacmsadmin
Select01/04/2019Owners MailingsDCS Giftcard Buy-Back Offer with Full Guaranteecceacmsadmin
Select01/07/2019Owners MailingsWestern Union - SEND MONEY DIRECTLY TO BANK ACCOUNTS IN JAMAICAcceacmsadmin
Select01/15/2019Owners MailingsGiftCardBincceacmsadmin
Select01/17/2019Owners MailingsMB Bank - holiday reminder todaycceacmsadmin
Select01/28/2019Store Mailings Western Union Fraud Alertcceacmsadmin
Select02/01/2019Owners MailingsCYE 2018 Annual Reports due Friday, March 1, 2019cceacmsadmin
Select02/04/2019Owners MailingsWebinar: Responsibilities of the Information Security Officercceacmsadmin
Select02/05/2019Store MailingsTax Seasoncceacmsadmin
Select02/06/2019Owners MailingsWebinar: BSA Emerging Issues 2019cceacmsadmin
Select02/07/2019Owners MailingsInfo from FiSCAcceacmsadmin
Select02/12/2019Store MailingsMB Bank Holiday Remindercceacmsadmin
Select02/13/2019Owners MailingsNominating Committee Noticecceacmsadmin
Select02/20/2019Owners MailingsDFPR Appointmentscceacmsadmin
Select02/28/2019Store MailingsChange to the WUPOS transaction stepscceacmsadmin
Select02/28/2019Owners MailingsFor those of you that use WU Bill Pay through WUPOScceacmsadmin
Select03/16/2019Owners MailingsSave The Datecceacmsadmin
Select03/21/2019Store MailingsBrinks/Dunbar Integration Communication Updatecceacmsadmin
Select03/29/2019Owners MailingsAGENDA FOR GENERAL MEETING APRIL 23RD 2019cceacmsadmin
Select04/02/2019Owners MailingsStore For Salecceacmsadmin
Select04/03/2019Owners MailingsSlate of Officers and Directors for 2019-2021cceacmsadmin
Select04/03/2019Store MailingsWestern Union Senior Financial Abuse (Fact Sheet)cceacmsadmin
Select04/16/2019Owners MailingsB2SI dinner ticket infocceacmsadmin
Select04/22/2019Store MailingsWestern Union - How To Guides for Stage & Pay AND Accurate Transaction Status Guidecceacmsadmin
Select04/29/2019Store Mailings iPrint Technologiescceacmsadmin
Select04/29/2019Owners MailingsMB - URGENT MESSAGEcceacmsadmin
Select05/02/2019Owners MailingsSurety Bond Renewal 2019cceacmsadmin
Select05/03/2019Owners MailingsImportant Updates from MB Bankcceacmsadmin
Select05/03/2019Owners MailingsRevised MB Contact info attachedcceacmsadmin
Select05/09/2019Store MailingsNew Look to (WUPOS) Money Transfer Home Screencceacmsadmin
Select05/28/2019Owners MailingsWebinar: Preventing Violence in the Workplacecceacmsadmin
Select05/28/2019Store MailingsCenturyLink Payments No Longer available on Quick Collectcceacmsadmin
Select06/14/2019Owners MailingsWU NEW DATES: Amazon Tile on Home Screen and Amazon Servicescceacmsadmin
Select06/17/2019Store MailingsCCEA Canning Program for 2019 Gets Underwaycceacmsadmin
Select06/19/2019Store MailingsSecureCheck Remindercceacmsadmin
Select07/18/2019Store MailingsWestern Union: New Access to Training Please Readcceacmsadmin
Select07/11/2019Owners MailingsJune/July CCEA Membership Duescceacmsadmin
Select07/09/2019Store MailingsVentra Planned Field Visitscceacmsadmin
Select07/08/2019Store MailingsBack 2 School Updatecceacmsadmin
Select07/01/2019Store MailingsThursday July 4th 2019 Independence Daycceacmsadmin
Select07/01/2019Store MailingsUPDATE WESTERN UNION ACCESS TO (TRA TRAINING MODE)cceacmsadmin
Select08/12/2019Owners MailingsPostal Inspection Servicecceacmsadmin
Select08/16/2019Owners MailingsMorgan Park Back To School Faircceacmsadmin
Select08/21/2019Store Mailings2019 Back 2 School Collections - FINAL DAYScceacmsadmin
Select08/30/2019Store MailingsB2SI Canning Program Ends 8-31 cceacmsadmin
Select09/10/2019Owners MailingsBahamas - Western Unioncceacmsadmin
Select09/10/2019Store MailingsWestern Union "MY WU" programcceacmsadmin
Select09/20/2019Store MailingsBanco GyT Continental is now part of the Western Union payout network in Guatemalacceacmsadmin
Select09/24/2019Store MailingsCurrency Exchange Deposit Slips Ordering Informationcceacmsadmin
Select10/02/2019Store MailingsWestern Union (Direct to Bank Colombia)cceacmsadmin
Select09/26/2019Store MailingsHelp Ensure Accuracy at Point of Sale! Western Unioncceacmsadmin
Select09/26/2019Store MailingsAnnouncement: REGULATION CHANGE – REMITTANCES TO CUBAcceacmsadmin