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June 17, 2020
As four Currency Exchange owners, we are acutely aware of the difficulties that many of our members
are dealing with after the looting of the past weeks.
It is impossible to comprehend the extent of your heart-wrenching experiences in addition to coping
with the Covid-19 pandemic.
We are writing this letter as owners and as members of the Back2School lllinois'(B2SI) Board of Directors
with the complete understanding that B2SI is far down the "TO DO" list of items that need or not need
to be addressed while you are trying to get your locations back in business.
With that understanding, we are asking if you would kindly let us know if you and your staff could find
the time to place the B2SI Donation cans at your teller windows. If you need the Collection Kit, please
contact $usanneMickev(5)b2si.ore.
Additionally, if your tellers ask your customers if "they'd like to leave their change for Back2School
Illinois", it helps exponentially.
We realize that this is the worst possible time to ask you for your assistance, but any monies that your
locations can collect will be greatly appreciated by the Illinois schoolchildren who will benefit from your
Abby Hans, President B2SI
Scott Hershman, Board Member
Jerry Tufano, Board Member B2SI
Anthony Tufano, Board Member B2SI