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Good Afternoon,

Western Union is transitioning to a new modern & robust Settlement platform for the international business. We expect to utilize at future state for the US market. Maintaining Agent data integrity during the transition is essential to success.

We are taking all possible measures to freeze Agent data during the Partner data cutover including blocking functionality on AgentPortal.

Due to high levels of data integration certain functionality must be disabled Globally during the cutover and force our IT team to implement a new “freeze period”.

In the case of the US market:

No Operator add/delete from January 1 to 10, 2021 will be honor.
WU Agent Password or Tech Support teams will not be able to add new operators or delete existent operators.

Certain Agent changes that can be initiated through the AgentPortal will also be frozen from December 31 – January 22. This functionality will be systematically blocked by the Agent Portal team as indicated below:
Operator: Add | Delete Not allowed
Location: Add | Modify | Suspend Not allowed
Mass Upload (Loc, Op, Terminal) Not allowed
Quick Pay Add Not allowed
Limit Increase / Decrease: Daily Allowed
Supplies Ordering Allowed
Terminal: Add | Reset | Delete Allowed

Please make sure that all your submissions are completed prior to 12/27. This will allow enough time prior to the freeze.

Please help me cascade this information as required in your organization.

Thank you,

Jim Bolker
KAE-Chicago, IL
Western Union