For those of you that use WU Bill Pay through WUPOS
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WU is implementing a better way to process Payments through WUPOS. The Pre-Transaction Disclosure has had a very successful pilot and we are ready to release to our entire agent base. I have attached the QHC for your review and for you to distribute to your stores. This update will allow senders to review the details of the payment before sending; similarly, to the way an International transaction is conducted today. This should greatly reduce the number of refund requests that are the result of payments that have been sent to an incorrect biller or account number.

The update is scheduled to go into WUPOS on the evening of 3/4/19 but we have been told to allow 24-48 hours after that date for the PTD to populate when conducting a payment. There is no change in behavior as this document will print along with the existing fraud warning receipt.

Jim Bolker
KAE-Chicago, Illinois