Paper money is old news, which we’re sure you already know. If you’re as current with the digital times as we happen to think you are, then you’ve already had your curiosity peaked where electronic cash is concerned. And if that’s the case, our Bitcoin ATMs are about to make you a whole lot happier – and on the digital up-and-up.

How It Works

Step One

Step One

Bring cash into your nearest participating Community Currency Exchange member location.

Step Two

Step Two

Place that cash into one of our self serve machines.

Step Three

Step Three

Leave the store with your bitcoin wallet a little richer.


  • Increase your Bitcoin collection with easy and fast withdrawals
  • Turn your Bitcoin back into cash (We get it – sometimes you just need cash!)

Get stuff done.

Find Your Nearest



Our services break the tradition of banks and corporate institutions that care more about the money you’re providing them than they do about you as a person. Sure, you could go to multiple locations to handle all of your financial needs and get lost in the shuffle of everyone else while you’re at it. Or, you could just do it all in one place. Where they actually care about who you are and what you need.