Income Tax Preparation

Every year, tax preparation gets more and more complicated. Rather than risk sending up a red flag to your friends over at the IRS as you try to navigate through new tax laws and changes, let your returns be handled by the professionals. We’ve got licensed tax preparers ready and waiting to help you file. They speak the tax lingo. You don’t have to. Get the most from your return and do it without the headaches.

How It Works

Step One

Step One

Bring your W2 and financial information into any participating Community Currency Exchange member location.

Step Two

Step Two

Our expert preparers crunch the numbers so you don’t have to.

Step Three

Step Three

Start thinking of all the ways to spend it cuz your refund is coming!


  • Know your income tax return is done right
  • Eliminate worry and confusion from changing tax laws

Get stuff done.

Find Your Nearest



Our services break the tradition of banks and corporate institutions that care more about the money you’re providing them than they do about you as a person. Sure, you could go to multiple locations to handle all of your financial needs and get lost in the shuffle of everyone else while you’re at it. Or, you could just do it all in one place. Where they actually care about who you are and what you need.