Top Midwestern Autumn Activities to Enjoy This Fall

There are countless ways to enjoy the weather, beauty and local cultures throughout the Midwest. And with many things happening throughout the fall season, it’s all about the scenery and the fun experiences that bring people together. But it helps to plan ahead to make whatever it is you choose to do a success. The days have a way of flying by this time of year, and that first frost may be here before you know it.

Apple Picking, Pumpkin Patches and Other Fun Seasonal Activities

Ok. You don’t have to pick them to visit an apple orchard, or to appreciate that the Midwest is home to some of the world’s most delicious and varied apples. And why not try something new?

Apple picking can be a great activity for kids because it teaches them about many things: where their food comes from, nutritious snacks, and all of the things that are made from apples. As it gets closer to Halloween they can turn those hand-picked apples into caramel apples or apple pie and enjoy a succulent home-made treat.

If that’s not up your alley, there are the many hay rides, pumpkin patches, haunted houses and other autumn activities that are favorites throughout the Midwest. If you’re feeling skeptical (and why not?), check out online reviews before hopping in the car and heading off into the hills. It’s always a good idea to inquire about details that can make or break a family outing:

  • Cost (children and adults)
  • Directions
  • Age appropriateness
  • Hours of operation
  • Best times of day to go
  • Recommended items to bring (shoe type, bug repellant, etc.)
  • Other local opportunities (shopping, outdoor markets, hiking)

Midwestern Camping

If you have a hankering for the outdoors but have never experienced Midwestern camping, perhaps it’s time to grab your sleeping bag and harmonica. More modern, easy-to-assemble tents and other camping essentials make this popular pastime enjoyable for all types of folks.

Just think of all the reasons that camping is better in the fall:

  • No more sweaty, hot weather
  • Fewer bugs to deal with
  • Better climate for sleep
  • Fewer people crowding the campsites
  • Lower off-season costs

As for that last item, many campsites lower their rental costs in off season. Meanwhile, the foliage is at its finest – all the better for a nice daytime drive with friends or loved ones.

Scenic Routes to See Colorful Leaves, Sand Dunes and Other Natural Attractions

Many Midwestern sites cost no more than the transportation to get there. The East Coast gets a lot of attention for their fall foliage, but some of the most spectacular views of changing leaves are probably not too far from your back door. The State of Wisconsin is home to an Ice Age trail that is full of opportunities for hiking, biking, and simply taking in the scenery. And in the other direction, the Sand Dunes are there for viewing year round.

If you do a bit of searching you might be surprised to discover how many nature reserves there are in this region. Michigan, Wisconsin and other states are home to their own nature reserves, each with its own unique ecosystem and places to help kids learn about the world around them.

Be a Part of Booming Tourism In Illinois, Wisconsin and Beyond

The governor of Illinois recently announced that local tourism was back and better than ever. That’s not just good news for local businesses and economies. It’s also a reminder that there is so much to see in and around your own neck of the woods. Just consider the historic attractions alone. In the Land of Lincoln there are numerous reminders that one of the country’s most popular presidents lived here and of the many family-friendly sites worth visiting.

The news is also a tip that there are local tourism boards that folks should contact for more information about sites and what’s available to them. Getting more information about locales within your desired driving distance and the interesting stops along the way will help you plan the day trip of your dreams.

Nearby Auto and Financial Services Will Help You Plan Your Fall Activities

Between all the hayrides and apple picking, there’s also the cost of things to consider, which is why you should make sure your personal finances are in order before the holidays are upon us. And if you plan to drive anywhere, keep in mind that CCEA Currency Exchanges can help you handle your money as well as you auto needs:

  1. Licensing Services
  2. New Plates
  3. Lost or Stolen Stickers
  4. Registration & More

Check out CCEA online for more on the many services that will help keep your finances in order this fall. Stop by a location near you today!

Two children eating ice cream while sitting on the ground. The ground is covered in colorful autumn leaves.

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