Tired of Long Lines? Our Transportation Services Help You Get Stuff Done Faster!

There’s only one thing better than a new set of wheels – legally being able to drive it. Keeping your car or boat registered helps you avoid fines and lets officials know you’re on the right side of the law. But stickers, titles, and waiting in long lines to get them processed can be a drag.

Our one-stop-shops make this process a bit more pleasant, convenient, and quick. No waiting weeks for stickers to arrive or wondering if yours got lost in the mail. We’ll handle the paperwork and, because our system is connected to the Secretary of State’s facility, make sure your information ends up in the right place.

Here are the main transportation services Community Currency Exchange offers drivers throughout the greater Chicagoland area.

Auto Title and Registration

Whether your car is new or used, it needs to be registered for you to drive it. This lets the state know that you are officially a proud, local car owner. When you come to one of our locations to get this done, be sure to bring your Illinois or out of state title so you can leave with your plates. Our system will automatically share your details with the Secretary of State facility, where the title gets transferred to your name.

But keep in mind there’re not a ton of time. When you buy a car in Illinois, you have 20 days to get this step done. A dealership might send you the title, but if you buy the car from an individual that responsibility falls on you.

City Vehicle Stickers

If you live in Chicago or one of its many surrounding suburbs and villages, a vehicle sticker is required. This is the one that goes on your windshield. Drivers have to get a new one every year. The sticker fees help fund road repair and maintenance.

Chicago vehicle stickers must be purchased within 30 days of moving to the city or acquiring a new car there. Without an updated one you risk paying a late fee. Just bring in your license plate number or vehicle registration card. We enter the information into a computer, and you leave with your sticker.

City vehicle stickers are available for all types of cars, as well as small trucks.

License Plate Renewals

Speaking of things that need to be renewed every year, don’t forget about your plates! More specifically, that tiny sticker that goes in the upper righthand corner of your rear plate. That whole process can also be taken care of here. Outdated plates are also punishable by fines.

The month and year printed on your current license plate sticker is a reminder of your deadline for replacing it. To get a new one, you’ll need either your registration or your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), plate number, and the expiration of your plate. Then pick up your new plate sticker.

Ventra Cards

We’re also here for the non-drivers. Ventra cards are a quick and convenient way to board CTA buses and trains, as well as Pace Buses. Unfortunately, they can also expire, but keeping them updated is a bit of a hassle. Why not let us help you update your card and load cash onto it?

The expiration dates can be confusing, since some older cards have already expired. Ones that haven’t will continue to expire on a rolling basis, extending through 2022. If you haven’t replaced yours yet, swing on by and get a new one. There’s a $5 fee that is fully refundable once the card has been registered in Ventra’s system.

Boat Title Transfer, Registration, and Renewal

Just like with a car, your boat has to be registered with the state – and your license periodically renewed – whether you bought it new or from someone else. We can get that done for you next time you come in. Bring in your boat’s registration or title and we’ll process the information for you.

Good news: if your three-year boat license is set to expire by June 30, 2021, you might have a little extra time to renew it. The state is giving certain boat owners an extra three months this year. Either way, be sure your registration is up to date before heading out on the open water.

Do yourself a solid and find the nearest Currency Exchange location by entering your address or zip code online. Call or come to one of our 350 locations to find out more about fees or documentation required to take care of your transportation needs.

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With over 350 locations, many open nights, weekends, and holidays (and several stores with 24/7 availability), you can rest easy knowing your financial needs can be taken care of when you need them most. We’re in the heart of every community. Don’t believe us? See for yourself.