Want to Feel Thankful? How to Have an Attitude of Gratitude

There are only two rules on Thanksgiving: eat a delicious meal, and find things for which to be grateful. But many people practice gratitude on a daily basis, believing it to be central to living a healthy lifestyle.

That can be easier said than done when you’re living paycheck to paycheck, struggling to afford groceries, or concerned about the financial future of your family, particularly in a country that celebrates ambition and material goals. To get past those very real barriers, people can start by simply learning what constitutes an attitude of gratitude – and some of the smaller steps they can practice to achieve it.

Step 1: Give Thanks for the Little Things in Life

The idea behind an attitude of gratitude is that, even when life isn’t going perfectly, there are some good things that deserve to be recognized. And we can easily overlook these mundane items if we are overly focused on what we don’t yet have.

The taste of your favorite beverage, or the feel of a comfy chair. A place that makes you happy in the area where you live. There is always something small worth celebrating. Becoming content with things as they are when others things aren’t going so well may feel odd at first, especially if you’re used to a cycle of financial anxiety or other concerns. But even the smallest details in life are worth celebrating.

Having a grateful attitude doesn’t mean you no longer have problems. The truth is, some people focus solely on the negative aspects in life because they’re afraid to be happy for what they already have or believe it gives them a sense of control over life. The reality is that it can be just as possible to resolve problems while feeling grateful, if not moreso.

Step 2: Practice Gratitude Daily

To get in a more grateful mindset, take stock of anything going well in life, no matter how small. Perhaps you spent time with a loved one you don’t see very often. Or you received a compliment at work. Maybe you finally tried that recipe you’ve been meaning to make. Giving thanks for these things won’t keep you from achieving your goals in life. If anything, doing so may provide some mental clarity, including actions that can help you deal with distractions that are getting in your way.

This daily habit is also a good way to clear the mind of unhelpful thoughts or habits. You may find yourself thinking about:

Practicing gratitude daily is just like any other practice. You need to set aside a few minutes to make it happen. One approach is to write a daily list each night of what went well that day. Another is to meditate on gratitude each morning. Each person is different, so find whatever feels right for you.

Step 3: Stay on Top of Your Personal Finances

Taking steps to stay on top of one’s personal finances can help rid the mind of underlying stress that blocks them from enjoying life. There may still be larger concerns such as student debt or career obstacles, but that shouldn’t keep you from focusing on the things you can do.

Here are just some examples of ways that folks can take a bit more control of their financial situation:

  1. Find small ways to spend less.
  2. Create a monthly household budget.
  3. Pay your bills on time when possible.
  4. Take steps to address any debt.
  5. Create a system for financial reminders.
  6. Put a few extra dollars in your contingency budget.
  7. Discuss money issues with your partner.

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