Cheap Ways to Enjoy Your Winter Free Time

Do you tend to hunker down at home once the temperatures dip below freezing? Winter may be chilly, but enjoying it doesn’t have to be expensive. Some of the most fulfilling activities near you might even be free. This year, bundle up and find out what free and low-cost activities are available so you make the most of your down time.

Consider some of the many benefits listed below of winter activities:

  • Shorter lines at museums
  • Smaller crowds
  • Easier reservations at eateries
  • More availability at certain indoor and outdoor activities

Here in the Midwest, we need to find ways to enjoy ourselves throughout the winter, both indoors and – if you’re up for it – out. Start with these ideas:

Take Advantage of Cheap Ways to Enjoy Cities Throughout the Winter Season

Do you become a hermit at the first sight of snow? Schedule an afternoon out in the nearest town or big city. You don’t need a reason to go. Exploring an unfamiliar place always has potential for adventure and even education. For example, Chicago never shuts down, and viewing the city’s many sites never gets boring.

Here are some things to put on your must-see list this winter:

  • Free walking tours, such as Free Tours by Foot
  • Window shopping
  • Historic tours and architecture tours
  • Outdoor ice skating
  • Sledding at outdoor parks
  • Free events at libraries
  • Cooking demos at groceries stores and indoor markets

Volunteer at Theaters & Events

Is there something out of your budget you’d like to experience? If you can’t afford the cost of entry, find out if there are any volunteer positions available. For instance, theaters often rely on volunteer ushers and greeters. Perhaps you could finally see that musical you’ve heard about by volunteering for a couple hours before grabbing a seat in the back.

Get Outside & Appreciate Midwestern Activities in Nature

One way to avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder – a condition brought on by lack of sunlight – is simply to get outside. You’ll also benefit from the extra vitamin D in your diet! As long as you dress properly, heading outdoors for a walk can be just as fun and invigorating as at any other time of year.

Some things do take a little research or advance planning. What historic sites are open in your neck of the woods? Are there shops, cafes, and other places to visit within those spaces? The Midwest is full of fun, family-oriented locales that are open year round. Check out their websites to find out about inexpensive, outdoor activities that are also easily accessible. For example:

Stay Safe: Plan Your Transportation in Advance

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