Things That Can Be Rented Out to Make Money

People are getting mighty creative when it comes to ways to make a few extra bucks. Even before the cost of necessary goods like food and gas spiked, more Americans were taking a more entrepreneurial approach to paying their bills. With millions of people part of the gig economy, more and more folks are thinking outside the box to make a few extra bucks. And they’re thinking outside the box to make that happen.

Whether you call it a side hustle or something else, social media has made it easier than ever to rent out goods and services, and you don’t need a degree in business to do it. About one in six Americans have completed a job using an online gig program. But that’s not the only option. Look around you and you might be surprised at the ideas you find.

7 Examples of Common Things People Are Lending Out for a Price

Need some extra cash this month? Maybe there’s something sitting in your garage you could rent out for a fee. Here are some examples from a comprehensive list on of some things that resourceful people around the country have found ways to rent for a price:

  1. Lawn care equipment: About that garage. Are there any tools or equipment you’ve used once or twice that are mostly just taking up space? Perhaps a leaf blower or lawn mower could be rented out.
  2. Parking spaces: In a city, particularly, parking spaces can be a hot commodity. Some people lease theirs for tens of thousands of dollars. But if you sold your car or no longer need the space for another reason, there are websites and apps that will list your space for you.
  3. Remodeling & construction tools/machinery: Many people go through a DIY phase, where they do their own work. That electric drill and cement blaster could be put to use by someone who actually needs it, but doesn’t want to invest in machinery they’ll only use once or twice.
  4. Storage space: Have an extra room but not interested in having a roommate? You can still make money on it. Storage is a huge industry, and not everyone wants to pay the market prices, especially if they don’t need a boxcar’s worth of storage.
  5. Your car – or advertising space on it: Not only are people renting out their cars, but some are allowing their vehicle to be used for advertising purposes. Hey – if the paint comes off, why not give it a try?
  6. Clothing and accessories: You don’t need to be a fashionista. From little-used designer clothes to wedding dresses, there are apps for renting those valuable items taking up closet space.
  7. Gear of any kind: From baby necessities to photography equipment to scuba gear, there’s a need out there for just about any type of gear imaginable.

Be Savvy When Renting Your Stuff!

If you’re considering renting anything out, the first step should be to do a little online research to find out who else is doing the same. Look for apps and websites that act as the middleman and can put you in touch with potential clients. That will take some of the mystery out of the whole process, and doing so can also mean there’s a smaller risk of getting stiffed. An online service automatically translates to a digital footprint of online activity on both ends. You want a method that takes steps to weed out unsavory folks and scam artists. Your safety should be a priority, no matter how bad you need the dough.

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