Raising Support for Back 2 School Illinois

With the return of the school year, comes the need for school supplies. And Back 2 School Illinois needs your help to provide students with the school supply kits they need to have a productive school year!

Every year, Back 2 School Illinois (B2SI) focuses their efforts on their Back 2 School Program, which distributes free school supplies to underserved students in need. While these supplies are free for the students, B2SI relies on partnerships with community organizations and government agencies, as well as individual contributions and volunteers, to facilitate the distribution of the supplies.

Who is Back 2 School Illinois?

We at the Community Currency Exchange Association of Illinois (CCEA) formed B2SI in 2010 as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit whose mission is to create and support educational opportunities that enrich the lives of Illinois children. B2SI’S Back 2 School initiative is the largest school supply distribution program in the entire state. In addition to the Back 2 School Program, B2SI also offers other programs, including awarding high school students with college scholarships.

This year, B2SI is facing a new struggle as they navigate a changing economy. These times have brought about an increase in the number of children needing assistance, creating unprecedented challenges for B2SI as they work tirelessly to seek the support that students need.

Back 2 School Illinois Faces Challenging Times

Along with the rest of the country, Back 2 School Illinois has not been immune to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many people have and possibly will continue to lose jobs as this crisis keeps unfolding. However, one thing that remains constant, is children attending school. And be it in person or virtual lessons at home, students still need school supplies.

With so many people feeling the economic stress this pandemic has caused, there is now an even greater struggle in the home to cover the cost of school supplies. Funding sources are in jeopardy as businesses face their own struggles. Low-income families – the people that B2SI serves – need support now more than ever.

Signature Back 2 School Kits Help Children Succeed in the Classroom

The Back 2 School Program distributes the bulk of their school supplies in the form of their signature Back 2 School kits. Each child receives one kit, which varies based on grade, and contains all of the core supplies (approximately 30 supplies) that students need to be successful in the classroom – in person or virtually.

Sponsors can purchase kits or build kits themselves through either the Buy-A-Kit or Build-A-Kit program. Both programs are an excellent way to help students in need and make a difference in a child’s life. The Build-A-Kit program is a favorite among companies who can purchase the supplies in bulk and assemble the kits as part of a team building exercise.

How You Can Support Back 2 School Illinois

While the majority of school supplies are distributed in late summer, kits are also distributed throughout the entire year. Year-round man-hours, volunteers, and support is needed to make B2SI a continuing success.

There are a variety of ways that you can support B2SI.

As we mentioned above, the Buy-A-Kit program and the Build-A-Kit program both help to provide school supplies directly to children of low-income families.

B2SI also accepts financial contributions, which go to helping underserved families and children all over the state and are tax deductible. You can make a one-time or monthly recurring financial contribution here.

If you are unable to make a financial contribution, volunteers are always needed and a welcome help to the B2SI organization.

Throughout this time of uncertainty, it’s vital for communities to pull together to support each other however they can. Please consider helping Back 2 School Illinois in any way possible to ensure that the children of Illinois are able to have the successful school year that they deserve.

Raising Support for Back 2 School Illinois

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