The Difference Between Banks and Check Cashing Places

Check cashing places offer a multitude of advantages over traditional banks. The reason being: one size doesn’t fit all.

What works for one person might not necessarily work for the next. Check cashing places allow you to find a financial solution tailored to your exact needs. Not to mention, you can handle so much more than just getting your checks cashed (you’ll find services you won’t ever find at a bank) – and you can do it at times that are convenient for you rather than trying to squeeze everything in during the bank’s 9-5.

Check out these major differences between banks and check cashing places and decide what works best for you:

Check Cashing Places Don’t Hold Your Funds – Get Immediate Access to Your Cash

When you’ve got a check to cash, the last thing you want to do is wait 7-10 business days or more for access to your funds. Banks are notorious for holding funds, and it can be incredibly frustrating.

However, check cashing places make it easy to get your cash right away. In fact, one of the biggest benefits of going to a check cashing place versus a bank is that you know you’ll walk out with cold, hard cash.

No Dollar Limits

Speaking of getting your cash right away, even when banks don’t put holds on your funds, sometimes they have limits on how much cash you can get at once.

It’s your money, right? So why on earth should you be told how much or how little you can have of it.

Check cashing places are amazing because they don’t set dollar limits. Have a check for $50? Great! Walk away with cash in hand. Have a check for $1500? Can you guess what you’re going to do?

That’s right. Walk away with cash in hand!

Small Business Owners Can Get Fast Cash at Check Cashing Places, Too!

Check cashing places aren’t just for individuals, either. Small business owners can find incredible opportunities to handle their financial needs at a check cashing place versus a bank.

Bank accounts for businesses can come with hefty fees, monthly and annual charges, and so much more. Plus, it’s not always easy to make it to the bank before they close. After all, you’re trying to run a business.

Check cashing places are open extended hours on nights and weekends, so you can go when it works best in your schedule. Plus, you can cash your business checks just the same as an individual – no holds, no dollar limits.

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The Difference Between Banks and Check Cashing Places

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